Jeremy Hendon Speaking


Want Me to Speak at Your Organization or Event?

I'm flattered that you're considering me.

I help companies and individuals use the power of story, myth, and authenticity to create better marketing and better lives.

I Deliver Solutions, Insights, and Action

I do NOT speak on topics.  Instead, I provide specific solutions.

What this means is that I help you and your audience solve real challenges and problems that are costing you time, money, and peace of mind.  

I might speak about Storytelling, Myth, Authenticity, Transparency, or Play. But I will use those themes to help you build a stronger tribe of fans, attract more leads, retain more customers/clients, and decrease employee turnover.

And every part of my presentation will be tailored to your specific business, industry, and audience so that they leave with actionable insights.

And because your success depends on the happiness of your audience, I will also give your audience tools for improving the quality of their relationships with their family and for experiencing more satisfaction and happiness at work.

You Should Expect Inspiration But Also Strategies and Tactics for Growth...

When you bring me to your organization or event, you should generally expect two things.  

A presentation should engage and inspire your audience, both personally and professionally.  Your audience should be entertained, but they should also walk away with tools to improve their lives in all areas - work, family, health, and more.  Sometimes - at conferences, for instance - this alone is enough.

More than that, a great presentation should also provide strategies and solutions that solve the most pressing challenges your organization faces.  That way, both the individuals in your audience and also your organization can grow together.

My presentations are designed specifically for each event to do both of those things.  For example, if you are a SAAS company serving enterprise clients, your audience might walk away with strategies for building more authentic connections in their relationships at home and at work.  But your organization will also come away with techniques to build more transparency into your marketing and day-to-day operations in a way that creates raving fans.

My Commitment to You


I am committed to ensuring that your audience is both engaged and inspired.

And if your audience doesn't love it, I'll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.


You and your audience need solutions - not just entertainment.

I work behind the scenes with you to develop solutions your most pressing needs - from attracting leads to retaining talent.


Your investment in me should pay off as quickly as possible.

I will give your audience tools and insights that directly impact your organization's top and bottom lines.


I'll work directly with you to tailor my presentation to your specific organization, industry, and audience.  

Everything will be applicable to your situation.


What solution and experience can I provide for your audience?

Authenticity & Transparency: Courageous Strategies for Better Marketing, Sales, and Personal Relationships

A generational shift - along with new advances in technology - now demands that you and your organization be both transparent and authentic.  This is true no matter whether you're an individual, a company, a non-profit, or even a government.

I will reveal proven techniques for building authenticity and for maintaining transparency - both as an organization and as an individual. These techniques will help you build a stronger tribe, win their loyalty, and serve them more effectively. Your audience will also walk aways with tools for finding more happiness and productivity in their work, their relationships, and their lives.

Story and Myth: Build a Stronger Tribe, Attract More Customers, and Create More Meaningful Interactions

It's no longer enough to have a recognizable brand or a great product.  You must also create a compelling narrative that connects with your customers by telling THEIR own story.  And, in the fast-moving digital age, that story must change and grow with your audience.

I'll share our latest research, results from our business and those of our clients, and specific strategies and tactics for connecting with your specific customers and industry through your customer's own stories and myths.  In addition, I'll also show your audience how to create stories that help them find more purpose and meaning in their lives and in their work.

Play: Why Confidence, Creativity, and Success are Driven by Play - not Work

Play is critical for all animals - including humans.  Your organization and your audience are no exceptions, and the extent to which you are able to foster play is critical to your organization's ability to creatively solve problems and to innovate.

Get specific "how-to", as well as the latest research, on the best ways to integrate play into every situation. Companies typically see immediate benefits including greater productivity and lower turnover, while individuals simultaneously experience greater connection and lower levels of stress.