Want Me to Speak at Your Company or Event?

I'm flattered you're considering me.

I help companies and entrepreneurs create compelling customer and company stories that sell and inspire.

Solutions, Insights, Action

I know how hard it is to bring in a speaker, and how much your event depends on finding the right people.

My entire focus is providing specific solutions for your company or your audience. 

What this means is that I help you solve real challenges and problems that are costing you timemoney, and peace of mind.

My primary focus is marketing and messaging. It's what I'm great at.

But when I speak at your company or event, I require that you spend some time with me beforehand to ensure that I can help you achieve specific results - whether it's building a stronger tribe of fans, attracting more leads, retaining more customers, or even decreasing employee turnover.

When you bring me to your organization or event, you should generally expect two things.

Any presentation should engage and inspire your audience, both personally and professionally. Your audience should be entertained, but they should also walk away with tools to improve their lives in all areas - work, family, health, and more.

More than that, a great presentation should also provide strategies and solutions that solve the most pressing challenges your organization faces. That way, both the individuals in your audience and also your organization can grow together.

My Commitment to You


Every communication with me or my team will be fast, courteous, and professional.


Prior to your event, I'll work remotely with you to determine exactly how I can best serve you, your organization, and your audience.


My presentation will be unique and focused on achieving specific, measurable results for your company or audience.


After the event, I will personally follow up with you to ensure that your expectations are met and to make further resources available to your audience.

About Me

I spent part of my career as an attorney and part as an entrepreneur. I am familiar with life both as an employee and business owner. I have worked with and for some of the biggest companies in the world.

My businesses, products, and articles have been featured on nationally syndicated television and major publications. And I was trained as a speaker from an early age, having given more than a thousand public talks.

At present, I spend most of my time growing my own businesses, writing, and advising/speaking at companies.

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Speaking Reel

My Most Popular Topics

(I prefer to think of these "topics" as customizable solutions. Any talk I give for your organization will be tailored to help achieve specific outcomes.)

Agility in Marketing and Messaging: Building a Foundation of Speed and Adaptability

We live in a time of accelerating change - in tech as well as in society and consumer desires.

In this talk, I discuss the primary drivers of these changes, where we're headed, and (most importantly) what it means for your company's marketing and messaging.

Your audience will leave excited by change but also with a toolkit for (i) creating more autonomy and speed in their teams; (ii) staying more connected with your audience and customers to anticipate and build marketing messages that are ahead of the trend; and (iii) market-testing every aspect of your narrative and products more quickly and effectively.

Co-Creating Customer Narratives that Evolve and Sell

It's no longer enough to have a recognizable brand or a great product. You must also create a compelling narrative that connects with your customers by telling THEIR own story. And, in the fast-moving digital age, that story must change and grow with your audience.

I'll share our latest research, results from our business and those of our clients, and specific strategies and tactics for connecting with your specific customers and industry through your customer's own stories and myths. In addition, I'll also show your audience how to create stories that help them find more purpose and meaning in their lives and in their work.

Authenticity & Transparency: Courageous Strategies for Better Marketing, Sales, and Personal Relationships

A generational shift - along with new advances in technology - now demands that you and your organization be both transparent and authentic. This is true no matter whether you're an individual, a company, a non-profit, or even a government.

I will reveal proven techniques for building authenticity and for maintaining transparency - both as an organization and as an individual. These techniques will help you build a stronger tribe, win their loyalty, and serve them more effectively. Your audience will also walk aways with tools for finding more happiness and productivity in their work, their relationships, and their lives.

What Others Say...


Jackson Healthcare...currently serves more than seven million patients in over 1,300 healthcare facilities.  The backbone of Jackson Healthcare is its strong culture and commitment to its greatest assets – our associates....We had the privilege of having Jeremy Hendon speak to our associates, and he incorporated humor and wisdom in a way that was relatable to every associate in the room.  It was evident his knowledge was acquired through personal experience, and his breadth of knowledge and fact-based evidence was remarkable...Jeremy was entertaining, intellectual and we look forward to his next lecture at Jackson Healthcare!

Leslie Day-Harrell Senior VP, Corporate Real Estate, Jackson Healthcare