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Transform Your Company's Vision into a Message that Matters More, Sells More, & Delights Your Customers

Let Me Show You How to Create Innovative Marketing and Stories that Evolve, so that You Can Seize Future Trends and Turn Customers into Evangelists

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Are You Tired of Always Feeling Like You Can't Get Ahead in a Rapidly Evolving Marketplace?

Exponential technologies are enabling change at an unprecedented rate. Product cycles are measured in weeks or months, and customer sentiment can shift in mere moments.

You are left playing catch-up, rather than getting ahead.

I help companies and individuals - folks like you - thrive and get ahead by learning to craft agile and evolving messages and stories... By crafting your story and the story of your clients and tribe, you can connect better with your audience and clients, make more money, and find joy in what you do.

Jeremy Hendon

Hey, I'm Jeremy

I love helping great businesses flourish, and I love helping individuals live a good life.  I am a founder (both current and exited companies), speaker (what I love most), and consultant (messaging, trends, tech, & direct marketing).

Connection. Agility. Evolution.

The upper limit for your company's future (and present) is set by how well you connect with your customers. And having a great product or service is only the first step.

You MUST be able to weave a narrative in your marketing that is less about your company and more about your tribe. Your customer must be central, and the message you create must show them that you understand their journey, their pains, their hopes, and their dreams.

Gone are the days when you can shout about your company and watch sales roll in. Technology has accelerated the pace of change - including the pace at which you must evolve your marketing.

Solid marketing fundamentals are still necessary, but agility is more important than ever. Your company must embrace speed and change at every level to continually co-create marketing messages that resonate and connect.

Jeremy and Louise

I've Been Where You Are...

I have founded and grown several companies. I've spoken at and with many others.

Even now, I often feel behind, as if I and my company aren't doing enough to evolve and engage our customers. But that feeling is also what drives me.

The time we live in is one of the biggest transition periods we've ever seen, fraught with both peril and opportunity. Companies can now go from zero to a billion in just over a year, and by some estimates, a Fortune 500 company is replaced every 2 weeks.

Messaging and marketing are changing as well, but if you're agile and on the right side of that change, then your company can reap greater rewards than ever.

Jeremy on Stage

Today, I speak, consult, and run my own business. I do all of this because I want to help good people and great companies stop struggling.

If you want to gain more clarity on how to craft messaging and stories that truly connect with your customers and users, then I'm here to help.

And by the way, this can be more fun that you can even imagine, because it's never just about the bottom line. When you're able to better understand and include your users and customers, you're also able to make a bigger and better impact on their lives.

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